Don’t you hate it when people gossip all the time…

The weirdest thing is that most of the time people who gossip hate it if other people gossip about them, but the fact that they do gossip themselves is okay… Weird situation isn’t it. The fact that people don’t have anything better to do, or don’t have anything to keep them busy or they don’t have anything to talk about to keep a conversation going. I think that’s kind of pathetic.. I’m not saying that I don’t gossip. I think everybody gossips sometimes, but you can gossip in different ways with different purposes. The gossip I hate is gossiping from jalousy or just because one person doesn’t like the other person or like I said to keep a conversation going. It’s like why? There are enough things to talk about, fun things and interesting things. It’s just so sad. A lot of times it’s also because the fact that a person feels better than the other one and that person is going to compare themselves with the ‘lower’ one.. It’s just not nice at all. Have fun you know, don’t be so negative. Live your own live, look at your own life, keep yourself busy with making your life interesting instead of judging others all the time.. Nobody is perfect, neither are you or I accept it and let everbody live their own lifes. A persons life is personal,  you create your own life in the way you want it to be. Ofcourse other people live their lifes differently, but they create their lifes themselves, they choose to live the life they live. So let them live it, instead of minding their business. Focus on yourself. Oh and another thing what I think is so not done is acting all nice in front of a person, but behind their back being all bitchy and stuff… Why? If you don’t like someone act like that don’t fake it, that only makes things worse.

Sorry for the negative message, I just wanted to share it because it’s just so annoying… I’m still happy guys 😀 hahah #enjoy your day people! 🙂


One thought on “Gossiping…

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